Meta’s hardware roadmap includes multiple new Quest headsets, and more emphasis on AR

We’ve come a long way from the first at-home Oculus Rift, which was an exercise in motion sickness and screen-dooring. Now we have great no-strings-attached portable headsets like the Quest 2, full field of view high-res offerings like the Pimax 8k (opens in new tab), and even cool VR treadmills to use them on like the Kat VR C2+ (opens in new tab). There’s always something new coming in VR, be it headsets, glasses, or a rumour that Meta and Apple are working together.

As reported by The Verge (opens in new tab), a new roadmap was shared by Meta’s Reality Labs division laying out the planned future of AR and VR at the company. With the Meta Quest Pro (opens in new tab) not really being a gaming device, and the strong push towards the metaverse workplace, even if it loses Meta $4 billion a quarter (opens in new tab), it’s nice to see the company’s future of VR has room for games in it.

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