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The world of Meet Your Maker is expanding with the arrival of Sector 1: Dreadshore.

We’re packing a lot into this release, and since Dreadshore marks our first major content update, we’re celebrating by letting you claim the Sector 1 Arsenal Pack for free beginning tomorrow until July 10.

With Meet Your Maker launched and officially out in the wild, it’s been a pleasure watching millions of Outposts spring up around the world, all thanks to our engaged, incredibly creative community. You’ve made some truly twisted stuff, and we love you for it.

It’s our job to keep fueling that creativity, and Sector 1: Dreadshore with its new lore, environment, arsenal additions, and cosmetics, is an important step in that direction.

Let’s start with the obvious: What exactly is Sector 1: Dreadshore, and what does it include?

“We’re using the Sectors to deliver large gameplay updates though a narrative,” explains Ash Pannell, Meet Your Maker’s Creative Director. “The Dreadshore is a place in our world and the items that you get from that Sector are all tied to its story. It helps expand the lore of Meet Your Maker alongside the actual gameplay.”

Welcome to Dreadshore

Dreadshore DLC launches tomorrow – PlayStation.Blog

Each Sector in Meet Your Maker explores a new location on Earth, devastated in its own specific way.

The Dreadshore, situated on the remains of the New England coastline, is the location of an abandoned Sanctuary housed beneath a lighthouse. Within this facility, clones were subject to a host of cruel, disturbing experiments until one escaped, killing the out-of-control Custodian and Chimera on their way out.

Sector 1: Dreadshore will include a new environment and themed Deco Pack – both free and instantly accessible to all players.

“Environments and Deco Packs give tools to the builders to create stories out of their Outposts,” shares Ash. “Completely different from the Red Sands, Dreadshore is all about being dark, moody and playing with light. As such, it’s the perfect place to construct dark and scary Outposts. The Deco Pack’s rusty metal and worn wooden blocks allow players to imagine a lot of old buildings and structures.”

New tools of destruction

Undoubtedly the most exciting Dreadshore additions come in the form of the Sector 1 Arsenal Pack.

The four new gameplay elements not only deliver new ways for builders to strategize and concoct unexpected kills, but also give raiders some new tricks of their own to survive them.

 “Being a systemic game, every single new item has massive gameplay repercussions,” says Ash. “Just playtesting this sector has been amazing, and knowing what it’s going to do to change the meta in the game is indeed exciting – and that’s before players start getting hold of it and really showing us how to use these new items.”

New Custodian: Nautilus

The Nautilus represents the lone survivor of the Dreadshore Sanctuary. This mysterious figure was one of the clones being held captive and experimented upon. He built a suit in secret that could bolster his defensive abilities and help him escape.

While the two other suits currently available are geared towards ranged and melee perks, Nautilus is all about defensive weapon capabilities with all three of its perks greatly buffing the Arc Barrier’s effectiveness.

 New trap: Sentry Beam

The Sentry Beam was designed by the lighthouse Sanctuary to keep its population of prisoners in check. It uses motion tracking to fire a laser beam of super-heated amplified light at raiders that can ricochet multiple times before dissipating, adding an element of chaos to its attack.

“This trap is great. It’s an area denial trap designed to pin unsuspecting players down,” explains Ash. “As it bounces off walls it brings a nice new sense of randomness that helps break repetitive patterns of play.” 

New guard: Ravager

The Ravager is the unintended result of a Dreadshore experiment gone wrong. The guard sees multiple targets where there’s only one, and simultaneously shoots a bolt at each, creating a deadly scattershot effect.

“Think of this one as a different kind of pattern breaker,” points out Ash. “The Ravager has a horizontal field of fire making it very tough to strafe to avoid. Strafing has previously been the way to defeat these enemies, so when combined with other guards and traps, players will again have to adjust their playstyles.”

New weapon: Demolition Cannon

The Demolition Cannon was developed for war, but as global unrest occurred, it was used more as a lethal crowd control weapon. Essentially a grenade launcher with recoverable ammo, the lighthouse Sanctuary stocked this weapon as a last resort should the prisoners revolt. Nautilus discovered and used one during his blood-soaked escape.

Don’t forget to visit PlayStation Store to claim the full Sector 1 Arsenal Pack for free starting tomorrow, until July 10. We hope you have a blast with this new content!

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