The D&D movie is a blast—and a surprisingly faithful adaptation of the tabletop game

There’s a concept often invoked in tabletop RPGs: the “Rule of Cool”. It means, it’s alright to bend the rules of the game you’re playing, as long as it’s in the name of making something exciting and fun happen. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves practically makes it its mission statement.

When this big budget film adaptation of the iconic tabletop game was first revealed, some pedantic hay was made of the fact that the druid character uses her Wild Shape ability in the trailer to turn into an owlbear—something technically impossible under the rules of the game. People likely to level that sort of criticism will probably have a brain aneurysm when they witness her transform into a dozen different animals over the course of a wonderful one-shot escape sequence. 

The film does feature three dragons, but by my count only one dungeon. (Image credit: Entertainment One)

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The film quickly takes on the pace and style of a great tabletop campaign.

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