Diablo IV’s First ‘Real’ Patch Is Coming Soon, And It’s A Massive One That Clocks In At 13 Pages

Diablo IV’s First ‘Real’ Patch Is Coming Soon, And It’s A Massive One That Clocks In At 13 Pages

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed during a Diablo IV Campfire Chat recently that the developer is planning the game’s first ‘real patch,’ which is a massive update that clocks in at 13 pages.

The Campfire Chat featured appearances by Rod Fergusson (General Manager), Tiffany Wat (Associate Producer), Joe Shely (Game Director), and Adam Fletcher (Community), and Fergusson presented a physical document featuring the patch notes, but said they wouldn’t be made public until it goes live.

Fergusson commented:

We already have a big “real patch” coming, and so that’s something that’s gone through certification. It’s out there. It’s going to address a lot of things, including performance issues. And it’s so big, we’re actually talking about there’s the potential we may actually choose to have a maintenance window and say, “Y’know, we’re going to bring the whole game down, we’re gonna apply this big patch, and then we’re going to bring it all back up.”

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Meanwhile, Fletcher added:

In fact, we have been working on a pretty large client patch. It’s very chonky… that addresses a lot of things, and this right here (shows document) is actually, it’s 13 pages but it’s not even done yet. But it is just an early preview of kind of what we’re putting together. And I have it here, we probably won’t go into detail of it all, but we will have it posted obviously when the patch does actually hit.

Diablo IV was released for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One earlier this month, and you can read our full review here.

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