Undawn brings unbelievably detailed open-world survival to mobile

Undawn brings unbelievably detailed open-world survival to mobile

Undawn has officially dropped on Android and iOS, and it’s already shaking things up. A free-to-play survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with PC cross-play – what more could you possibly want?

If you love playing those games that wow you right out of the gate, Undawn is certainly going to give you the thrills you seek. Full of high-stakes, pulse-raising combat, and a glorious mix of all your favorite genres, Undawn brings immersive open-world survival RPG gameplay to the palm of your hand. Couple this with a cameo from the legendary actor Will Smith, and you’ll be amazed that you’re playing a mobile game at all.

Let’s take a look at some of Undawn’s best features that you can enjoy when you begin your own open-world survival adventure.

A world of its own

Developed by LightSpeed Studios – the team behind PUBG Mobile – and published by Level Infinite, Undawn takes everything you can possibly cram into a mobile game and makes sure it’s there at your fingertips, boasting an incredible open world full of adventure and peril. Explore at your own pace, traversing distinct biomes with their own unique flora, fauna, and ecosystems. From industrial-looking abandoned cities full of scavengers to the humid wetlands of the swamp, Undawn’s world feels rich and tangible. And there are plenty of environmental items, strongholds, and sidequests to uncover in this giant 10km2 map.

Just four years after a global disaster laid waste to the planet, you’ll join humanity’s last hope in ensuring the safety of our future in this brave new world. Learn how to survive the ravages of hunger, hydration, and the effects of weather by scavenging and building everything you need. Oh, and watch out for the infected – they’re certainly not keen on helping you survive.

Build your base

If you’ve ever thought you were prepared for the apocalypse, you’ll be able to put those hypothetical skills to the test in Undawn – or just wing it and hope for the best. Learn how to craft everything under the sun and repair the human world as you reinforce your base, fill it with friends or thrive alone, and furnish your new home to your taste. Even after the world has ended, there’s no shame in being comfortable, so landscape and decorate to your heart’s content.

Craft tools and collect resources to ensure your survival against the odds, protecting the last remnants of humanity from the mindless infected. Sharp-shooting skills alone won’t save you, and you’ll soon be learning to fish, cook, and even play music should you get the chance. Your survival will come down to the modulation of every human trait, from body composition to vigor and mood, so keep a close eye on yourself and your fellow humans.

Sights and sounds

One of the unexpected draws of Undawn is the incredible visuals of the ruined continent. Combining all the convenience and portability of a mobile game with the detailed worldbuilding of a PC or console game, it looks beautiful and handles smoothly. You’ll also be treated to a familiar face as Oscar-winning actor Will Smith joins you in the form of Trey Jones, a survivor who will guide you and your allies in this ravaged world.

You can customize your appearance and outfits, socialize with other players, and ride in more than 50 different vehicles, making Undawn more than just a simple combat game and instead offering a full-bodied survival experience. Team up with your friends (or challenge them to fight) either on other mobile devices or on PC, as Undawn supports full crossplay via Steam.

Fight to survive

You’ll have to brave more than just the elements if you want to stay alive, so keep those knives sharp and those pockets full of ammo. As if watching out for the infected wasn’t enough, there’s no guarantee that the other humans will have your best interests at heart.

Enter PvE or PvP modes, holding the fort as a member of the Raven Squad. Other squads – the Clowns, Eagles, Night Owls, and Reivers – will try to infiltrate your territory and attack, meaning you’ll always need to be on the lookout. Learn what makes them tick and subvert their rules of survival as you fight to come out on top.

You’ll also need to think outside the box, the old ways of the world won’t cut it anymore. Grab as many guns as you like, but remember the importance of melee weapons, bombs, drones, turrets, and more when it comes to creatively defending your home. If you feel like building a towering futuristic mech, Undawn has you covered. Attack and defend using everything at your disposal, surviving until the next morning no matter what you might have to do.

Download Undawn now on the App Store or Google Play, and start fighting for your survival in this immersive, expansive, and one-of-a-kind mobile game.

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