Cave of Past Sorrows launches for Switch today

RedDeer.Games, one of the largest developers, and producers of Nintendo Switch games has launched the third premiere of the June’s Indie Spring Spree Event. Cave of Past Sorrows is available globally on Nintendo Switch consoles from today.

Cave of Past Sorrows is a pixelated, minimalistic, bullet hell shooter for demanding and experienced players. Based on looping mechanics, it challenges and tests players’ reflexes and reaction speed.

In this action game, players will delve into the “cave of past sorrows”, where the past blends with the present and the future, in a dizzyingly fast and deadly dance of life
and death.

The most important rule of the game – every bullet launched by the players remains in the same place, even after the passing of the hero. Players must keep this in mind, shoot wisely and pay attention to the shots fired by their previous incarnations to lure the enemy into them, and not accidentally … shoot themselves.

Cave of Past Sorrows is kept in a minimalist retro style, with the possibility
of unlocking additional gameplay colors during progressions – to choose their favorite theme while winning the next levels.

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