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Arriving June 20 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom introduces a brand-new way to play with the introduction of the Arcanist class. Boasting three unique skill lines and an all-new combat mechanic called the Crux system, Arcanists wield the eldritch powers of Apocrypha to obliterate their foes and protect their allies.

Get the inside scoop on each of the Arcanist’s three new skill lines from Brian Wheeler, Lead Combat Designer for ZeniMax Online Studios, and discover the arcane powers you can wield when exploring the Telvanni Peninsula and worlds beyond.

Herald of the Tome

“The Herald of the Tome skill line is designed mostly around dealing damage to your enemies,” explains Wheeler. “There’s a wide variety of abilities here too, with some dishing out area-based effects while others focus on specific targets. There’s versatility in how you want to inflict pain on your enemies.”

When in design, the team knew the Arcanist had to stand out, so they focused on themes of cosmic horror and Hermaeus Mora’s Black Books, opening an eldritch portal to a wide selection of powers.

“Some abilities have a very crisp and precise look, while others are more chaotic and visceral,” says Wheeler. “In our testing, we saw players load up their entire action bar with Arcanist abilities, so we wanted to ensure that this skill line had a wide breadth of supporting visuals.”

The Elder Scrolls Online developer reveals the Arcanist class’ new skill lines – PlayStation.Blog

If any one ability captures the feel of the Herald of the Tome skill line, it is Fatecarver, which makes powerful use of the class’s new combat mechanic.

“We wanted players to channel pure arcane energy into a beam they could aim anywhere without requiring a target while also interacting with our new Crux system,” explains Wheeler. 

“The more Crux you have, the harder the beam hits when you cast it.”

Curative Runeforms

“Curative Runeforms adds healing and support to the Arcanist suite of abilities,” says Wheeler. 

“Like the Herald of the Tome line, you can find some good synergies here blending single-target and area-based healing along with some new toys like Apocryphal Gate, granting mobility via a pair of portals.”

Being able to quickly identify what heals and what hurts is vitally important in the heat of battle, so the team made sure that despite having shared origins in Apocrypha, the damaging and healing skill lines appeared distinct.  

“This skill line has less ‘brutal chaotic’ looks to it, and we leaned into some of the watery or inky feel of Apocrypha,” says Wheeler. “For example, Arcanist Domain has a watery edge around its ability while also showing a cool animation as you fling out runes.” 

Soldier of Apocrypha

“The Soldier of Apocrypha skill line is focused mostly on taking damage and surviving,” explains Wheeler. “But there’s also some utility and support abilities to help control your foes. This includes several shield abilities that we refer to as ‘living buffs.’  These buffs aren’t just stat bonuses, as they also react to enemy actions by damaging them back or healing you!

Because of this focus, in addition to crown control, you can enjoy a lot of quick firing and self-focused abilities when welding the Soldier of Apocrypha skill line.

“A tank’s primary job is to protect their allies while absorbing any enemy damage onto themselves, so we gave the Arcanist a taunt. This is the first time a class in ESO has been given this functionality without relying on other skill lines.” The ability to taunt your foes is vitally important, but so is surviving the inevitable onslaught that comes as a result.

“Runespite Ward is one of the Arcanist’s standout abilities, as it provides great boosts to defense. One of the morphs for this ability, Impervious Runeward, provides even more armor during its first second, giving you the opportunity to time it to get maximum damage mitigation and retaliation!”

Unknowable powers await

This is, of course, just a brief introduction to some of the eldritch powers that are available to you with the all-new Arcanist class. In addition to the three unique skill lines above, the Crux system allows you to further empower your abilities and customize the way you play.

Want to learn more? You’ll need to uncover the class’s weird and wondrous new abilities for yourself when The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom arrives June 20 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5—good luck, and we’ll see you in Tamriel!

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