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Company Spotlight:


Company Name:


Date Founded:


Business Type:

Mobile Game Publisher


Hamburg, Germany

Managing Director:

Christoph Sachsenhausen

Key Staff:

  • Balaji Thangaraj Vijayan, Head of Publishing
  • André Noller, Game Lead
  • Umut Önel, Game Lead
  • Vladislav Ladizhenski, Head of Growth

Number of Employees:


Contact Details:

Social Media Links:

Game Links:

Key Games:

  • Cat Escape
  • Spinner Merge
  • Mr. Pain
  • Plug Head

Main Areas Of Business:

In-House Mobile Games Development and Publishing


  • AppLike Group
  • Adjoe
  • justtrack

Company Spotlight: Sunday | Pocket

Elevator Pitch:

Today’s mobile game market is built in a way that companies are dependent on third-party services for different aspects of game production, like tracking, monetization, or development. In this system, they’re bound to face data and revenue loss, fragmented knowledge, and a lack of control over the success of their own games.
That’s where Sunday comes in! Sunday is a full-fledged mobile game production ecosystem that not only produces increasingly engaging ad-monetized games but also owns and masters every step of the value chain while doing that. Our end-to-end platform includes everything from game design to user acquisition and attribution, keeping our and our partners’ data safe and revenue fully retained.

Our unique setup gives us unparalleled control over every game’s success for ourselves and our partner studios. With impressive financial backing, and the sophisticated tech we build and tailor to our own needs, we can push any game as far as we desire. Our full-stack solutions, from fully automated bidding and marketability testing to data-driven KPI prediction and beyond, empower talented game creators from all over to profit from creating fun and accessible gaming experiences for the whole world.

Highlights To Date:

Since our launch in 2019, Sunday has been on a streak of producing hit mobile games — including Cat Escape, Spinner Merge, and Mr. Pain — reaching nine-figure download numbers and even going beyond that. Take Cat Escape: our hyper-casual maze puzzle about a stealthy (and extremely cute) feline escape artist has gained over 100 million downloads and has solidified itself as a fan favorite.

In 2022, the Applike group, of which Sunday is a part, secured an investment of €100 million from Bertelsmann — Europe’s largest media company — enabling us to further our ambitions as a major player in ad-monetized mobile game development. While we are proud of our financial success, Sunday’s focus remains on cultivating a performance-driven culture. If anything, the strong financial backing gives us the freedom to think big and act boldly on our way to becoming the first end-to-end mobile game company.

What We’re Proudest of:

Besides the hit games we’ve released, we are extremely proud of the tech we built in-house that keeps us independent, self-sufficient, and in line with our mission of becoming the first end-to-end game production. Our fully integrated and automated performance marketing and monetization systems are one of the secrets behind Sunday’s lightning-fast and super-precise approach to the changing market. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we scale our business and help studios worldwide grow their games and reach their goals with speed and accuracy.

Something About Us That Nobody Really Knows:

Fun fact: Our founder, Christoph, named the company because he wanted to recreate the satisfaction of enjoying a lazy Sunday with our games. Isn’t it the best feeling? To this day it remains our Purpose – to spread the joyful feeling of an easy Sunday morning to the world by adding creativity, innovation, and fun to everything we do.


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