PC Gaming Show Includes Several Switch Announcements – News

The “mock generative AI” joke was done better by Devolver, and in a sixth of the time.

PC Gaming Show Includes Several Switch Announcements – News

As has become tradition, a few Switch games were revealed in the PC Gamer-sponsored PC Gaming Show.

  • Although he’s not wielding a cane, the original Scrooge is finally getting an exploration-focused platformer in the form of Ebenezer and the Invisible World – there is currently no release date.
  • Modus Games have announced a publishing agreement for Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age, a tag team 2D fighter that promises full rollback netcode and the ability for dead teammates to parry attacks from “beyond the grave”.
  • Action roguelike Ember Knights, which has been in Steam Early Access, will move to version 1.0 on July 18 and a Switch release should come around the same time.
  • Bloomtown: A Different Story was the last announcement of the day, a 2D social RPG that includes Switch on its platforms: its development and other details on its website.
  • Trailers re-ran for Nova Lands (June 22) and 30XX (Aug 9).

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