Xbox Is Set Up For A Winning Showcase After Summer Game Fest 2023

And yet, neither were A+ shows, right? We’re not saying they had to be as such, but the way in which both of these big events landed certainly leaves the door open for Xbox to deliver a home run with its showcase. The mood of the room feels pretty ‘meh’ going into this, and if Xbox can bring a couple of major reveals alongside impressing with that already-announced Starfield blowout, it could be the talk of the town this summer.

We already spoke about this a little bit right after the PlayStation show, but now in a post-Summer Game Fest world, it actually feels like the pressure on Xbox has been relieved a little bit. We’re still hoping the team can knock it out of the park of course, but in reality, all it needs to do is show a couple of big games before the Starfield Direct and it’s probably onto a winning summer 2023 showcase.

As for what those reveals could be? Well, we’re mostly expecting to hear about updates on already announced projects, but there’s always room for a surprise or two and we’re absolutely expecting Xbox to deliver on that too. In fact, you can read all about our Xbox Games Showcase predictions down below.

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