Honkai Star Rail warp trotter guide

There are plenty of mysteries to uncover in this intergalactic adventure, one of which is the curious Honkai Star Rail warp trotter. These odd yet adorable little piggies show up from time to time, and you’ve gotta be quick to catch ‘em – but what exactly are they and what rewards do they drop? Let’s find out.

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So let’s trot along through our Honkai Star Rail warp trotter guide.

Honkai Star Rail warp trotter guide

What is the Honkai Star Rail warp trotter?

Honkai Star Rail warp trotters are non-hostile, pig-like enemies that attempt to flee as soon as they see you. If you’re quick enough to engage them in battle, you have a limited amount of turns to defeat them before they run away. Upon defeat, they drop a bounty of rewards.

In this Hoyolab post discussing scenes and Honkai Star Rail maps, Hoyoverse describes warp trotters as interdimensional creatures lost among the stars that spend most of their lives gathering, eating, and escaping.

How do I find Honkai Star Rail warp trotters?

Warp trotters show up at set locations around the different maps. You can see whether there’s a warp trotter that you haven’t caught yet on your local map. Simply tap on the drop-down arrow next to the treasure chest icon at the top-left of your screen to see a breakdown of the warp trotters, treasure chests, and challenges in the area.

So far, here are all the locations that we know warp trotters appear in:

Herta Space Station warp trotter locations

  • Base Zone – up the corridor to the north-west of the ‘reception centre’ space anchor
  • Storage Zone (first floor) – in the room to the south of the ‘outside the control centre’ space anchor
  • Supply Zone (second floor) – in the first of the two rooms to the south-east of the ‘space parts warehouse’ space anchor

Jarilo-VI warp trotter locations

  • Outlying Snow Plains – near the northern edge of the map to the west of the ‘long slope’ space anchor
  • Backwater Pass – in a corridor to the south-east of the ‘leisure plaza’ space anchor
  • Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone – in a corridor to the north-west of the southern space anchor
  • Corridor of Fading Echoes – in a corridor to the south-west corner of the map
  • Everwinter Hill – along the path that leads down from the central platform
  • Great Mine – along the lower northern path
  • Rivet Town (first floor) – along the square corridor to the east of the map
  • Robot Settlement (second floor) – down the stairs to the south-west corner of the map

Xianzhou: The Luofu warp trotter locations

  • Cloudford (first floor) – just west of the northern space anchor
  • Stargazing Navalia – near some stairs at the central upper border of the southern part of the map

If you want a visual guide to the Honkai Star Rail warp trotter locations, check out the official Honkai Star Rail map. From there, you can tap on the warp trotter icon to see them marked on the map.

A screenshot of combat with a Honkai Star Rail war trotter

How do I defeat a Honkai Star Rail warp trotter?

So, you’ve managed to engage a warp trotter in combat – now what? Lucily, warp trotters can’t attack you, but they do summon other enemies to defend them. It’s important to focus on the warp trotter first, though, as it will escape if you waste time tackling its pals.

Warp trotters are weak to physical, quantum, and imaginary attacks. You can also stop them from running away through certain debuffs such as freeze or imprison. If you’ve got Honkai Star Rail’s Welt, his ultimate is brilliant for buying you time against warp trotters – though ice characters like Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th and Honkai Star Rail’s Herta can also be handy, though a little less reliable, especially as warp trotters aren’t weak to ice.

Here are all the warp trotter skills, so you know exactly how long you’ve got until they make their grand escape.

Warp trotter abilities

Ability Description
S-S-S-Scared The trotter got spooked and will flee in two turns
Run… Run! The trotter is panicking and will feel in one turn
Phew… Escaped The Trotter flees in an instant

Warp trotters generally use their ‘S-S-S-Scared’ ability on their first turn, so your priority should always be downing them as quickly as possible before those two turns are up.

If the warp trotter flees, you need to leave the area and come back later. It will respawn again, and you can take another shot at taking it down before it runs away.

What rewards do the Honkai Star Rail warp trotters drop?

In addition to a standard selection of battle rewards, Honkai Star Rail warp trotters drop 60 stellar jades. Of course, stellar jade is the currency you need to buy passes that you can use on the Honkai Star Rail banners, and, for a relatively easy fight, 60 stellar jades is a pretty nifty reward – so those warp trotters are certainly worth the trouble.

That’s everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail warp trotters. If you fancy warp trottin’ your way to a different world for a bit, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact tier list, Genshin Impact codes, Genshin Impact banner, and Genshin Impact event guides.

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