Pure Nintendo Podcast EP13 | Tears of the Kingdom tips and tricks!

In this week’s episode of the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Jemma, Kirk, Justin, and Katelyn continue their chat about Tears of the Kingdom. We’re now two weeks in; how far have we traveled, and what have we learned?

This week is all about comparing notes on our time with Tears of the Kingdom. A common theme among players is, no matter how much time you’ve put into the game, from 10 to 100 hours, there’s just so much left to do.

Last week was all about first impressions. This week we’re much deeper into the game, with Kirk leading the pack at around 50 hours. Justin, though, has been concentrating on dungeons and lets us know a little about the bosses he’s encountered – no spoilers, though – while Katey and Jemma have been having more fun exploring and conquering as many shrines as possible.

During the show, we delve into other aspects like Sky Towers and how to activate some of the broken ones, Koroks and our desire to help (or not), and those mysterious geoglyphs and resulting memory tears. It’s interesting to learn where everyone is at and how they got there. We even dedicate some time to our good friend Addison, the faithful assistant to President Hudson. How many signs have you helped support?

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