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Honkai Star Rail’s Yukong is the Helm Master of the Xianzhou Alliance’s Sky-Fairing Commission, and one of the Xianzhou Luofu’s Six Charioteers – needless to say, she’s a pretty busy and well-respected lady. So, let’s dive into detail on this gorgeous Foxian gal, so you can learn how to best make use of her skills to aid your Trailblazing journey.

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Now, let’s take a look at our Honkai Star Rail Yukong guide.

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When is Honkai Star Rail Yukong’s release date?

During the 1.1 livestream, Hoyoverse announced that Yukong makes her debut on the phase two banner in version 1.1. She appears on Honkai Star Rail Luocha‘s banner, alongside Honkai Star Rail’s Pela and Honkai Star Rail’s Qingque. To find out more about the current and upcoming banners, be sure to keep an eye on our Honkai Star Rail banner guide.

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Yukong build?

Yukong is a four-star character who deals imaginary damage and treads the path of the Harmony. Harmony characters, like Honkai Star Rail’s Tingyun and Honkai Star Rail’s Bronya, excel best at buffing and supporting their allies. Therefore Yukong shines brightest as a support alongside strong damage dealers who can make the most of her buffs.

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Yukong light cone?

As we don’t know much about her kit just yet, it’s hard to say which is the best light cone for Yukong. However, generally light cones that display art of a specific character are designed around their kit. Therefore, we predict that Past and Future will be a great option for her.

Outside of that, you need to make sure that any light cone you give Yukong also aligns with the path of the Harmony so that you can activate its skill.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
Past and Future When the wearer uses their skill, the next ally to take action (excluding the wearer) deals 16% more damage for one turn Jeweler’s Pagoda or Echo of War rewards, or purchase from the Light Cone Manifest store

What are the best Honkai Star Rail Yukong relics?

Hoyoverse is yet to confirm the details of Yukong’s kit, therefore we can’t give you a definite answer on her best relic sets so far. We’re also pretty lacking in four-piece sets that specifically boost a character’s ability to buff their allies.

For now, we recommend Wastelander of Banditry Desert, as it boosts Yukong’s personal damage as an imaginary wielder and helps her take down debuffed enemies much quicker.

In terms of Planar Ornament sets, we recommend Fleet of the Ageless for the team-wide attack buff, or Sprightly Vonwacq to help her ult more frequently.

Relic set Effect How to obtain
Wastelander of Banditry Desert Two equipped: increases imaginary damage by 10%
Four equipped: when attacking debuffed enemies, the wearer’s crit rate increases by 10%. If the enemy is imprisoned, the wearer’s crit damage increases by 20%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Conflagration in The Xianzhou Luofu’s Stargazer Navalia
Fleet of the Ageless Two equipped: increases the wearer’s max HP by 12%. When the wearer’s speed reaches 120 or higher, all allies’ attack increases by 8% World 3 of the Simulated Universe
Sprightly Vonwacq Two equipped: increases the wearer’s energy regeneration rate by 5%. When the wearer’s speed reaches 120 or higher, the wearer’s action advances forward by 40% immediately upon entering battle World 4 of the Simulated Universe

What are Honkai Star Rail Yukong’s attacks and eidolons?

We don’t know anything about Yukong’s attacks and eidolons at the moment, beyond the fact that her kit will likely focus on buffing her allies, either through attack, speed, or something else. However, we’ll likely find out more about her soon, so we’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we do.

Honkai Star Rail Yukong and Tingyun sitting together, with Tingyun eating and Yukong wiping the corner of her mouth fondly

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Yukong?

As mentioned above, Honkai Star Rail’s Yukong is a very powerful figure aboard the Xianzhou Luofu, taking the role of Helm Master of the Xianzhou’s Sky-Fairing Commission and acting as one of the Xianzhou Luofu’s Six Charioteers. We see her briefly in the trailer above.

She’s a Foxian lady, and appears to act as a boss and mentor to Honkai Star Rail’s Tingyun. Beyond that, we hear that she’s also a seasoned pilot and a deadshot, meaning she likely has plenty of finely-tuned skills to show us on the battlefield. But, since taking up the mantle at the head of the commission, she often finds herself buried under mountains of paperwork, instead.

Yukong’s English voice actor is Dawn M. Bennett, who has previously voiced characters in Smite, Hearthstone, Fairy Tail, Fire Emblem, and more. Yukong’s Japanese voice actor is Yumi Toma, who also has a massive resume of roles under her belt, including Lei Fang from Dead or Alive, while Yukong’s Chinese voice actor is Zhong Ke, who previously voiced Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine in the RE3 remake.

That’s all we’ve got in our Honkai Star Rail Yukong build guide for now. In the meantime, head over to our Geshin Impact tier list and Genshin Impact codes for a different kind of Hoyo fun.

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