Fairgames promises ’emergent sandbox gameplay’ in competitive PvP heists

Are heist games in vogue? The extraction shooter genre has heist-like qualities, and several literal heist games are on the way: Payday 3 and Monaco 2, probably GTA 6 next year, and now Fairgames (technically called “Fairgame$”), a “competitive heisting experience” in which players will target the ill-gotten wealth of the world’s billionaires and, presumably, try to extract it without being taken out by rival gangs of heisters.

Fairgames was announced at this week’s PlayStation Showcase, and comes from Haven Studios, a team founded by Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond with lots of ex-Ubisoft talent. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, creative director Mathieu Leduc promises “emergent sandbox gameplay” and “a fresh multiplayer experience that rewards creativity and mastery”. Fairgames marks Haven Studios first big game in the wake of their acquisition by Sony from Google, which sold off the studio after shuttering the Google Stadia. 

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