Random: Remember When Don Mattrick Told Us All To Buy An Xbox 360 In 2013?

Thankfully, some great games were shown off at the following E3 press conference – an event where Microsoft seemed to take complaints on board about the lack of games shown previously. However, before we could get to that point we had to wade through a bunch of Microsoft’s typical mixed-messaging of the era, including some now-infamous comments from Don Mattrick.

And, yep, a decade later the internet still remembers. Earlier today we saw plenty of commentary on the Xbox One reveal debacle – in particular surrounding Mattrick telling those who wanted to play offline to just buy an Xbox 360 instead.

In the years since, Xbox management has changed drastically, with Phil Spencer at the helm since shortly after this whole debacle – taking over in early 2014. However, Mattrick has addressed this part of his career in the years since, particularly in 2021 when Microsoft dropped its extensive documentary series about the history of Xbox.

We’re very glad to have moved on from this time in Xbox’s history, but it’s always worth a look back to see how things have changed, and funnily enough, to see how some of Xbox One’s initial ideas have become much more of a reality as the years have gone by.

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