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What is it? A single-player choice-driven action story set in the post-TNG era.
Release date May 23, 2023
Expect to pay $39.99/£35
Developer Dramatic Labs
Publisher Bruner House
Reviewed on Intel i7-9700F, RTX 2070 Super, 32GB RAM
Steam Deck Unverified
Link Official site 

“The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth” is one of Captain Picard’s most iconic lines, and the team at Dramatic Labs—a bunch of self-confessed diehard Trekkies—have embodied that mantra in their Telltale-esque adventure, Star Trek: Resurgence. The story is the perfect mix of everything Star Trek and Telltale’s classic choice-based narrative: silly humour, gentle moments that focus on care and affection, and dramatic phaser fights with lots of unnecessary diving around.

The Telltale formula of a strong narrative combined with morally ambiguous decision-making—and plenty of QTEs—seems to fit the Star Trek storytelling style perfectly. But Dramatic Labs offers something more: complicated puzzles, stealth sequences, time-sensitive exploration objectives, better cinematics, and an overall departure from the Telltale default of feeling like you’re watching an interactive movie. Resurgence isn’t an episodic tale, at least not in the traditional Telltale sense. Rather than having five distinct acts or episodes that arrive separately, you’ll get to play it all at once as you swap between the two player characters, who each get their own uniquely titled episodes, much like you’d see in The Next Generation.

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