The Masquerade – Justice is a new PS VR2 adventure RPG, coming late 2023 – PlayStation.Blog

Hi, my name is Erik Odeldahl and I’m the Creative Director at VR game developer & publisher Fast Travel Games. We have just revealed our next game to the world! It is a PS VR2 adventure RPG set in the rich story world of Vampire the Masquerade. In it, you play Justice, a vampire of clan Banu Haqim, who travels from New York to a dark and mysterious Venice, Italy to hunt down the perpetrator of their sire’s final death.

The Masquerade – Justice is a new PS VR2 adventure RPG, coming late 2023 – PlayStation.Blog

Be a stealthy vampire 

With Vampire the Masquerade: Justice, we set out to make a game that fully immerses you in the role of a stealthy vampire, taking advantage of all the strengths of the PS VR2. One thing that truly excites us about the PSVR2 is the adaptive triggers and the haptic abilities available in both the controllers and the headset itself. As a vampire, you have access to all kinds of tools that help you stay hidden from your enemies, or when necessary, surprise and dispose of them with lethal force. You get to sneak up on your victims to drink their blood, unleash powerful disciplines and tear them to pieces, or fade away into invisibility before their very eyes. You decide how to take on each scenario, and we make full use of the wide range of haptics to fully immerse you in the experience.

Become the apex predator

As a vampire, you do have superhuman strength and speed, but you are not safe from harm. The enemies you encounter will put up a great challenge for you, forcing you to take advantage of your powers. A combination of stealth and fast attacks will take you far, but you can also rely on your powers of persuasion as well. Sometimes in a dialog with an NPC, the threat of violence will unlock new paths for you.

A dark and mysterious Venice 

The Venice we’re inviting you to is not the city of love you see on postcards, but a dark, mysterious place where unseen things happen in the shadows, where plans are hatched and vast conspiracies are perpetrated among the undead. The last few years, there has been unrest among the Hecata, a vampire clan that has Venice as one of its bases of operation. Justice, played by you, is cast into a conflict between fierce vampires who fight for power … and their souls.

Regardless of your strategy, every step you take and undertaking you complete, will bring you closer to the center of the mystery, and allow you to grow in power to eventually become the most powerful vampire.

This title, like all of our games so far, focuses on delivering a strong narrative, but also rewards exploration and experimentation. Me and the team are looking forward to seeing you meet the characters of vampire Venice, and sneak along its dark streets. The game is built from the ground up with an original story and characters, and is a welcoming experience for those of you unfamiliar with Vampire the Masquerade and the World of Darkness, but we hope that we’ve created something special for those of you that have lived and breathed Vampire for a long time too!

We will share more as the game approaches release. 

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