There’s good reason to believe that GTA 6 will release next year

In its quarterly investor report today, Take-Two said that development of the next Grand Theft Auto game is “well underway.” That’s exactly what the Rockstar parent company said when it first announced GTA 6, and then again a few months later, but today’s statement is a little more notable because it came alongside a general promise that “several groundbreaking titles” will release during its 2025 fiscal year, and there are some clear signs that one of those games is the new GTA.

Because corporate accounting is weird, Take-Two’s 2025 fiscal year starts in April 2024, so the “groundbreaking” games we’re talking about are scheduled to release sometime next year, or in early 2025 at the latest. Take-Two also said that these games will “set new standards” for the industry and propel the company to $8 billion in net bookings (all of its sales before expenses) for the fiscal year, with that momentum continuing into the next one.

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