Here’s an hour of discussion on Jagged Alliance 3’s combat

Jagged Alliance 3 (opens in new tab) continues to roll out more looks at the game over the last month, and this week’s was a long chat with developers and community about combat in the upcoming sequel to the legendary late-90s tactics franchise. The stream had Boyan Ivanov and Brad Logston, both of developer Haemimont Games, talking about some of their favorite bits of Jagged Alliance 3’s combat.

Your band of mercenaries trying to do their mercenary thing in the war-torn country of Grand Chien have a lot of interesting tactical options, it seems, very much in line with the games of the past. There’s lots of granularity to mess around with, like stances, movement, and more. An early example is putting a bipod on your weapon so that it’s more effective when you’re prone. The video then goes on to talk about destructible terrain, weapon types, melee, and more.

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