Deathwish Enforcers dev details the exact movie moment that inspired the game

Deathwish Enforcers came to Switch recently, which gives gamers a chance to play a brand-new title that hearkens back to classic arcade games like Konami’s Sunset Riders. While the game influence is quite easy to see, it turns out there’s a very specific movie that inspired the game as well.

In an interview with Co-Optimus, Christopher Obritsch of Monster Bath Studios shared the precise moment he saw in a film the led to the creation of Deathwish Enforcers.

I was on yet another Clint Eastwood kick and had bought the full Dirty Harry set on Laserdisc (I love laserdiscs). In the middle of watching The Enforcer, a scene happened that I had totally forgotten about over the years. Harry is chasing a perp across the rooftops of San Francisco when they hit this amazing snag in the chase. The perp falls through a skylight and into a porn shoot. Pretty sure I spit my coffee all over myself when I started laughing – but the next thought was “why hasn’t anyone put this into a video game yet?!?” Next thing I knew, I was at my pc, drawing the first Ron Bigly sprite set… Then a level happened.

[Christopher Obritsch, head of Monster Bath Studios]

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