How Game Trailers Are Tricking You

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Did you ever end up buying a game because it seemed so fun and smooth in the trailer, only to end up disapointed that the gameplay is no way near as fun?

You might think that it’s your fault for not playing the game as intended, but I’d argue that the difference in playstyle is actually the game’s fault, not the player’s. So let’s talk about why being forced into the funzone is a better game design choice.

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How Doom Eternal Forces you into the “Fun Zone”:
Hugo Officially Explains “Fun Zone” Origins & Answers Questions About Eternal’s Design:

Video Contents
0:00 Intro
0:57 The Funzone
6:34 Define Constrains
11:52 Stylish Combos

Intro music: Silver for Monsters (Doom Version) [HQ] from The Witcher 3 by Geoffrey Day

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