Why you’re right to hate motion blur in games

Flipping off the motion blur switch is an automatic first-launch ritual for me and I assume a lot of other PC gamers. It’s probably the most hated post-processing effect in videogames. So why do so many games include it in the first place, and why is it always enabled by default? 

Good luck getting a game developer to tell you! One studio I asked declined to comment and the others didn’t respond. Maybe they just don’t think weighing in on the merits of individual post-processing effects is a valuable use of their time, or maybe they’re in the pocket of Big Blur. I wasn’t getting anywhere, so I started doing my own research. Here’s what I learned:

  • There’s a valid reason for all the motion blur effects in games
  • There’s also a valid reason to hate motion blur with a passion
  • We’ll probably see less of it as frame and refresh rates increase

What motion blur is

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