Episode 820: Racer X Goomba Tower – Radio Free Nintendo

LAST TIME, ON RFN: “I promise you THREE emails!”

THIS TIME, ON RFN: It’s a call-in show! With three emails.

That’s right, with Gui still out and Greg watching the NFL Draft, Jon and James are running the shop on their own. And what do immature children do when the adults are out of town? House party.

We let you, the listers, become you, the callers. We were blindsided with questions and forced to answer them on the spot.

Topics we covered this week include:

  • RFN: The Game
  • Gaming and Public Domain Literature
  • Games Lost Without Music
  • RFN on Mario Party Monthly
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC Character Draft
  • Nintendo Franchise Lore DLC
  • What Nintendo Got Wrong on Switch
  • Nintendo PR and Nintendo Lawyers: The Infinite Struggle
  • How to Fix Wii U (but not Change the Name)
  • What if Elon Bought Nintendo
  • …and the RFN Email Address

If you’re still struggling after that last you, you can use this instead.

The Wind Waker RetroActive part 2 now has a date: May 11. Yes, that is hours before Tears of the Kingdom launches. Did you know hours before the launch of Breath of the Wild was the Princess Tomato RetroActive?

This is tradition.

You can post your [Wind Waker] comments here.

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