The Internet's WORST Video Game Critic – Who Was ‘Pissed Off Angry Gamer’?

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In the early days of YouTube, video game critics were dime a dozen. Thanks to the success of James Rolfe’s Angry Video Game Nerd series, everyone was taking a crack and creating there own “Angry” video game review series. Almost all of these AVGN wannabes are lost to time, but was so hilariously bad that he is still remembered to this day. Eric, the PISSED OFF ANGRY HARDCORE GAMER. Eric’s videos were so poorly planned and produced that they were funny for all the wrong reasons. He consistently made a fool out of himself in his videos, and became especially disliked when he dealt out scathing criticisms towards the Nintendo Gamecube. Today I would like to tell you all the story behind YouTube’s most uniquely infamous video game critic.

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Obviously, Eric himself for making the videos.

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