My Time at Sandrock Launches Summer 2023 on Xbox

The open world, feel-good, town-renovating life-sim My Time at Sandrock will be landing on Xbox this summer! Developed by Pathea (of My Time at Portia fame) and published by PM Studios, it’ll be a great way to break away from the heat outside and open the doors to a brand new adventure.

My Time at Sandrock continues My Time at Portia’s tradition of having the player take the role of a Builder. Players will need to complete commissions, and build structures and machinery to restore Sandrock to its former glory. The player can also use different tools of the trade to collect resources in an open world map and explore the long forgotten and dangerous ruins of the Old World to discover new dark secrets.

Sandrock interior

When not building fanciful gadgets, players can farm, raise animals, and build up their workshop. My Time at Sandrock has introduced a range of DIY elements into the homestead building aspect for players who want their own unique look.

Looking to begin playing My Time at Sandrock? Interested in where to start? Keep reading for some tips to help kickstart your journey!

Sandrock characters

Build Relationships Early!

Once arriving in the town of Sandrock, players will meet several townspeople that they can befriend. Investing in these relationships early on in your playthrough is in your best interest as these relationships take time to build. Each relationship you make comes with its own benefits! So be sure to take time to speak with each person and decide which citizens you would like to begin building friendships with.

Sandrock mining

Clear the Scrap Piles!

Venture over to the Eufaula Salvage Company Yard, and you will find scrap piles. Come here each day and clear out these scrap piles! You will find data disks in these piles that allow you to unlock new workbenches and machines. With new workbenches come new recipes for new resources and weapons!

Sandrock pub

Complete Daily Commissions!

During each day of your stay in Sandrock, you will be given daily commissions. Completing these commissions is important because they are your main source of gols (Sandrock’s currency) and workshop reputation. Increasing your workshop reputation will allow you to rank higher on the workshop ranking board, which will translate into extra gols and water at the end of each in-game month and year.

These are just a few of the ways to get a good start in My Time at Sandrock, but it goes without saying that the best start you can make is by exploring the different gameplay elements that you enjoy most. From minigames, to designing your workshop, to building romance with NPCs, to dungeon crawling, there are many different ways to experience life at Sandrock. We really hope that you explore the depths of the game and uncover the excitement that will come galloping home this summer!

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