Honkai Star Rail launch time

The next gacha game from Hoyoverse has nearly left the station: the Honkai: Star Rail launch time is happening on Tuesday, April 25 and April 26 depending on your time zone. This new game from Genshin Impact’s developer is another character-driven game of magical attacks and combos but this time everything’s slowing down with turn-based battles instead of action combat.

Honkai: Star Rail unlock time 

Hoyoverse has announced the launch time for Honkai: Star Rail as 10 am, April 26 (UTC+8) which equates to 3 am in London and 7 pm on Tuesday, April 25 in California. Here’s how the global launch time converts to other timezones: 

  • 7 pm, April 25 PDT (Los Angeles)
  • 10 pm, April 25 EDT (New York)
  • 3 am, April 26 BST (London)
  • 10 am, April 26 CST (Beijing)
  • 11 am, April 26 KST (Seoul)
  • 12 pm, April 16 AEST (Sydney)

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