Realistic Space Survival Tin Can Lands on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One April 27 and Preorder Starts Today


  • A unique survival game with an intricate micro-management approach to maintaining an escape pod’s systems.
  • Realistic system simulations and organic failures, focusing on resource management for an immersive and intense space survival experience.
  • True-to-life space disaster experience that will test even the most experienced survival game players.

Hello Survivors! This is Justyna Urbanska, Marketing Manager in Klabater. I am excited to announce that on April 27th you’ll face the dangers of the cosmos with Tin Can! If you are a fan of micro-management gameplay and a space setting, you will surely enjoy this new game in our publishing portfolio, where every component counts and resource management is key to survival. You can pre-order Tin Can today!

In Tin Can, you’ll need to cannibalize, swap, and fix parts from various systems to keep the pod running and maintain vital resources such as oxygen and power. With realistic system simulations and organic failures, every decision counts as you work to fix critical issues and stay alive.

Space Immersion Like Never Before

Have you seen “Gravity” with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney? Or “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck? And of course, “Apollo 13” with Tom Hanks?

What would you do if you were in the place of the film characters? Would you be able to fix the pod and save yourself?

Of course, fixing a space pod in your home while playing the game is way easier than fixing it in space, fighting for survival, but still – this is as close as it gets.

Tin Can interior

The Ultimate Micro-Management Challenge: How the Gameplay Differs from Other Survival Games

Tin Can‘s gameplay offers a unique challenge to survival game enthusiasts. The game’s micro-management approach requires players to manage each component of their escape pod’s systems, from the oxygen generator to the emergency lights. The smallest malfunction can have disastrous consequences, making the game a heart-pumping test of your skills and knowledge.

The focus on dismantling, swapping, and fixing individual components, as well as the realistic medical symptoms and organic failures, sets Tin Can apart from other survival games. With no arbitrary numbers and based on real-life science, Tin Can provides a true-to-life space disaster experience that will test even the most experienced survival game players.

Tin Can repair manual

Surviving the Void: Realistic System Simulations and Organic Failures Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Tin Can‘s realistic system simulations and organic failures create an intense and immersive space survival experience. The game realistically models vital resources like oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature, and radiation, and players must manage these resources carefully to stay alive.

The game’s organic failures make it a unique challenge for survival game enthusiasts, requiring players to figure out what’s gone wrong and trace failures back to their source.

Tin Can simulates cosmic events such as flying near the surface of a star or navigating asteroid fields, which have different impacts on the escape pod’s systems. With the stakes always high, Tin Can‘s gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Tin Can screenshot

The Intricate Detail and Design of Tin Can’s Components and Resource Management

Tin Can‘s intricate detail and design of components and resource management make building your escape pod a challenging and rewarding experience. The game features over a dozen different components, each with its own specific function, causing different problems when damaged.

Defective buttons won’t trigger properly when pressed, while faulty electrical connectors won’t deliver enough power. Players must carefully manage resources such as oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and radiation in order to stay alive.

Tin Can‘s onboard manual provides detailed information about the escape pod, helping players understand how each component works and how to fix any issues.

Tin Can screenshot

Tin Can Brings the Fear and Excitement of Space Disasters to Your Screen

Tin Can offers a unique approach to survival gaming. The game’s setting of being stranded in space after a disaster offers players an immediate sense of danger and urgency. Cosmic events such as asteroid fields and flying near the surface of a star can strike the escape pod and cause various types of impact on its systems.

Tin Can provides a realistic simulation of medical symptoms instead of health bars, with various organic failures to be traced back to their source. The game is not just a test of skills and knowledge but also of psychological endurance as players face the threat of imminent death. Tin Can‘s focus on realism and immersion makes it a must-play for those seeking a true-to-life space disaster experience.

Tin Can screenshot

We Are Thrilled to Bring Tin Can to You, Xbox Players

As the publisher of Tin Can, we are thrilled to share the game’s unique space survival challenge with console gamers. Tin Can‘s micro-management approach and intense gameplay have already gained a strong following among players and critics, and we are excited to see how the game will be received on the Xbox platform. Preorder Tin Can today!

Tin Can

Xbox Live

Tin Can




As a random member of your colony’s space program, you leave Mars aboard a large transport ship, only for its reactor to go critical in the middle of your journey to new horizons. All your time spent in the simulator did not prepare you for such a dire situation! Now, drifting in your escape pod, without any FTL capabilities, you realize that an easy way out was not included. Use your own wits to fix systems in a similar way you would fix and build your own PC, by swapping and fixing individual components. With a bit of luck, you might be able to finally find a safe haven

Get your hands dirty!
“What a mess! The oxygen generator refuses to start up…I hope it’s just the fuse cutting down the power and not some kind of issue with the atomic pile!”.

All the systems inside your escape pod are made up of many different components, from fuses to air filters. They are all interconnected and have their own critical function.

Listen to your body!
“My vision has been blurry for a while now and it’s getting worse! I really need to find that leak before I pass out!”

When all your systems are failing, in the dark, only the sound of your heartbeat and your shallow breathing will alert you of your imminent death. O², CO², atmospheric pressure, and temperature are realistically simulated for maximum immersion.

Your life hangs by a thread…don’t lose focus!
“These incomprehensible error codes again!? Where is the damn manual? This pod’s a mess! Ah! Here it is!”

The manual inside your pod is filled with detailed information that could very well save your life.
Plan ahead!
“What a view! Is it me or it is getting hot in here, though?”

From asteroid fields to nebulae, these cosmic monsters will wreak havoc on your systems and won’t give you a lot of time to breathe…

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