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If you’re looking for Wartales iron ore, you’re not alone. This resource is pretty scarce in this medieval mercenary sim, and as well as mining it yourself, you can buy it from traveling merchants and other vendors. Not all NPCs have the stuff in stock though, so you’ll need to find another way to get this valuable material.

There are a number of challenges you’ll be faced with while you explore. Capturing animals (opens in new tab) and adding them to your group can help bolster your numbers, and you might stumble across a tomb puzzle (opens in new tab) or two. If you’re set on stocking up on Wartales iron ore and want to know the best place to find it, here’s how to get started. 

Wartales iron ore: Where to find this resource 

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You can find deposits of iron ore randomly on hillsides or fields as you travel between towns or settlements. Some traders will also sell it to you—for a price—so it’s worth chatting with groups of travellers you pass on the road to see if they’re selling the resource.

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