Truck Loader 5 – Game Walkthrough (full)

The best truck loading machine is back to deal with some serious cargo business. Guide this cool vehicle and solve lots of difficult puzzles in this physics and puzzle game called Truck Loader 5. Just like older missions, your task here is to load up the cargo or crates inside the truck. Be sure that the crate occupies the designated location inside the truck. There are now new levels where you must interact with some buttons in order to get the crates. You should be very careful when using your magnet. Some of your cargo are fragile and you will fail the level if they are destroyed.


Truck Loader 5 is a fun filled and challenging game that has you controlling a little truck and load cargo into a bigger truck, the game looks easy but it really is not, there will be a lot of obstacles in the game like doors, gaps, and many more, and you need to get past them all to be able to get the cargo and load it to the truck, there are also a variety of cargo in the game, besides the normal crates, there are also fragile crates that you need to handle with care as if they break, it’s game over for you, and then there’s the crates with arrows, these crates also need some special attention when being loaded to the truck, you need to make sure the arrows are pointing to the right direction when loading them to get the job done, the game also features a timer that you need to consider, no worries as it is not really a time limit, but it does affect the score you get, the faster you load the trucks, the higher your score will be, so come on and join this fun and addicting game, see if you have what it takes to beat all 30 levels of the game and be number 1 on the scoreboards here in Truck Loader 5.

Graphics and Sound

Truck Loader 5 has very pretty graphics, the truck designs are cool with very nice details, I particularly like the truck loader with a magnet in it, it looks really cute and move very nice, environments are also great, and although the level designs pretty much look the same, the compartments do change, the colors in the game are very nice by the way, everything is looking quite sharp and vivid making the game really cool and nice to look at, the animations are very smooth, you can tell just by moving the magnetic arm of the truck and how the moving parts behave, like those crates, doors, elevators and many more, music and sounds are also great, the in game music is techno funk and sounds really cool when playing the game while the sound effects are also okay, not much variety though, special effects are quite simple, there’s nothing really ground breaking when it comes to special visuals, but that’s okay as the game doesn’t really need those flashy visual effects, overall, the game looks really quite pretty for a browser game.


Truck Loader 5 has a simple and straightforward gameplay, all you need to do ere is to load the cargo to the bigger truck using the smaller truck with a magnet mounted on it, there are a variety of obstacles in the game that you need to contend to, and also a variety of cargo that you need to handle accordingly, the faster you finish the level, the higher the score you will get, the game also features a scoreboard and facebook feature where you can post your scores for everyone to see, the game has very simple controls by the way, you only need to use the WASD to control the movements and the mouse to control the magnet.


Truck Loader 5 features simple but beautiful graphics, there are 30 challenging and fun filled levels available for you to play, the game also features simple and easy to use controls for everyone to enjoy.


Truck Loader 5 is quite fun, you will start out easy and then gradually becomes more challenging as you go up the levels, this game is quite addicting too, check it out if you haven’t played it yet, this is really fun.

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