Super Mario Bros. Movie Tracking For US$146m Opening Weekend, New Five-Day US Record – News

Well, guess we know who wins THAT argument at the next Smash planning meeting.

Mario’s animated big screen debut has been a record breaker at the box office.

Early weekend returns for the Nintendo / Illumination collaboration have it tracking for a box office take of US$146.36m for its opening weekend in the United States, with a total take of $204.6m since its launch according to sources at Illumination parent company Universal. This represents the third largest Easter weekend launch ever (trailing 2016’s Batman v Superman at $181m and 2015’s Fast 7 at $161m), the largest total ever recorded for a five day release (beating 2009’s Transformers: Age of the Fallen) and more than doubling the record for a video game adaptation’s opening weekend (2022’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 at $71.6m).

With international totals included, the Super Mario Bros movie now has the highest gross ever for an opening weekend worldwide as well; the new record estimate being $377.2m, and this three weeks before it launches in Japan.

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