New Xbox Games Release Dates In 2023

@Bleachedsmiles AND to AVOID any CONFUSION – whether or NOT the Zenimax group holds a Separate showcase, they are still OWNED by Microsoft – MS OWNS the Studios, the IP’s, the Publishing rights etc and is WHOLLY funding these Games.

It’s like expecting Sony to Publish Insomniacs Spider-Man/Wolverine games on Xbox despite being funded and published by Sony. If MS ‘choose’ to release games on other Platforms, who is paying for the Studio to ‘Port & Optimise’ that game for that Hardware?

MS isn’t doing anything different to OTHER devs who announced games ‘years’ ago and took a few years to come out after that. I forget how many years Uncharted 4 was ‘promised’ for before Finally releasing, Horizon too appeared at numerous E3’s before eventually coming out etc – and games are not being made in a month or two. EVERY Sony game released in the past ‘decade’ has had delays GoW:R, H:ZD, H:FW, LoU2, U4, Infamous 2nd Son, GoT, GT7 etc etc etc ALL delayed so really showing your FANBOY Bias there…

Typical Dumb Fanboy response – expect MS to release their games they are funding, their OWN studios, their OWN IP’s etc – regardless of whether or not they have ‘separate’ showcases, they are still WHOLLY owned by MS, funded by MS, making games owned by MS etc – the REASON they bought Zenimax and its Studio’s – like Sony bought all their Studio’s too – to make GAMES for their PLATFORM!!

The ONLY games MS is likely to PORT to their Rivals are those with ACTIVE ONLINE COMMUNITIES already on those platforms – games like Minecraft, CoD etc. Games like Redfall, Starfield etc have NO ACTIVE ONLINE COMMUNITY built up around those IP’s on other Platforms – they will ‘continue’ to support Communities of gamers that want to play ONLINE together and to grow those ‘ONLINE’ communities by reaching ‘more’ platforms, not ‘limiting’ them.

Mojang are an XBOX studio yet make multi-platform multi-player Minecraft games for their ACTIVE ONLINE COMMUNITY of Minecraft fans regardless of Platform choice.

Single Player games and new IP’s (Starfield, Redfall, Hellblade, Outer Worlds etc) will be EXCLUSIVE to bring players into their ECOSYSTEM. Why buy into Xbox if all their games are on Playstation and yet Playstation games aren’t on Xbox? That’s why you spend nearly $80bn on Zenimax and A/B for those Studio’s, for those IP’s, for the Rights to Publish where they WANT to Publish…

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