Pro-net neutrality FCC nominee says ISPs are doing everything they can to keep her out

Ajit Pai’s FCC axed net neutrality regulations during the Trump administration, giving broadband companies in the US free rein to block or throttle websites and online services. The commission hasn’t acted to restore those regulations under Biden due to a stalemate over the president’s repeated nominee for commissioner, Gigi Sohn, who says her confirmation is being blocked by a telecommunications industry that fears a “pragmatic, pro-competition, pro-consumer policymaker.”

The FCC is run by five commissioners, but it currently only has four: two Republicans and two Democrats. If Sohn becomes the fifth commissioner, Democrats will have the majority they need to start making policy changes, such as reinstating net neutrality rules. That would be a good thing for PC gamers—we laid out why we like net neutrality back in 2017—but Sohn’s nomination has been bitterly opposed by a number of Republicans, who claim she’s too partisan for the job, and her confirmation has been repeatedly thwarted.

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