Check out six differences between The Super Mario Bros. Movie and its trailers

There’s a good chance you’ve seen The Super Mario Bros. Movie by now, as it’s finally out in theaters everywhere! If you’ve been following the coverage leading up to its release, you might have also noticed some differences between the ads and the final version of the film.

In the video above from GameXplain, you can watch a breakdown of six specific changes that appear from the movie’s trailers to the version we got in theaters (minor spoilers are involved). Most of these are just different line readings or slightly shorter scenes, but there’s also an entire Donkey Kong-centric song on the soundtrack that doesn’t appear anywhere in the movie.

Whether these changes were made to cut down on the runtime, or just to help spice up the advertisements, it’s hard to say. Hopefully, there will be deleted scenes for us to enjoy when the movie comes out on Blu-Ray, so we can see exactly what was left on the cutting room floor.

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