NBA 2K23 Review

NBA 2K23 reviewed by Ben Vollmer on Xbox Series X. Also available on PlayStation 5. (Note that the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC versions are based on the older version of NBA 2K and have significantly different features.)

I am heavily conflicted about NBA 2K23. On one hand, the new retro game modes have reached out to my inner sports geek and given me a way to replay NBA history in a way that I’ve never done before. Especially paired with a handful of really strong gameplay changes, like improved spacing and AI, I foresee myself dumping dozens of hours into reliving and reconstructing NBA history. Conversely, I now feel completely and utterly isolated from the MyCareer experience. I have no interest in shelling out additional cash (even beyond the expensive Michael Jordan Edition) or grind for insane hours just to be able to compete on the online court, and the density of The City and its shopping opportunities is lost on me for the same reason. Instead, I’ll take my metaphorical basketball and go home, where I can enjoy the parts of NBA 2K23 that I can fully experience without the repugnant emphasis of its microtransactions.

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