New Blizzard patent details an AI system to make art for its games

We here at PC Gamer can’t stop admiring the balls of Blizzard’s VFX artists (opens in new tab), but it turns out that suits elsewhere at the developer have some pretty big kahunas too: And have applied for a patent that will see an AI generate artwork for use in-game (opens in new tab), based on a specific style fed to it by Blizzard (spotted by GameRant (opens in new tab)).

Ruh-oh. Firstly, the patent itself is not necessarily an indication that Blizzard is or will be doing this anytime soon. But it is treading into some murky waters here, with the reputation of AI art among the public at something of a low: Only yesterday, people were getting upset at the System Shock remaster (opens in new tab) for creating a promotional image of its own evil AI using the AI software Midjourney.

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