Diablo 4 boss has reassuring words for buildcrafters: Respeccing won’t be ‘prohibitively expensive’

Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson had some reassuring words for Diablo 4 (opens in new tab) players concerned that they won’t be able to respec their characters because the cost will be too high: It won’t be.

Respeccing is simply the act of reassigning your character’s skill or ability points because there’s a new meta, or you want to try something different, or you just got bored. In games like Diablo 4, where character builds are central to the experience, a lot of players enjoy being able to experiment: I, for instance, made a barbarian in the Diablo 4 beta who liked to bash heads with a huge hammer; in the second beta weekend, I switched him up to a sword-swinger. (I didn’t like that nearly as much, though, so I switched back.)

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