Pawz 4 Fun #21 • Shinsekai Into the Depths • Apple Arcade Game Reviews

Capcom presents Shinsekai Into the Depths! A fresh and original undersea exploration game, filled with unique visual and audio experiences for you to discover. Welcome to episode #21 of Pawz 4 Fun!

The land has slowly but steadily been covered with ice, forcing mankind to take refuge in the ocean. Even the sea cannot protect them forever. The ice overtakes the undersea home of a lone aquanaut, forcing an unplanned journey of exploration and discovery. Take control and follow a mysterious mechanical creature ever deeper… Could there be others still living on so far beneath the surface?

Manage your oxygen reserves as you make your way through this magnificent underwater world teeming with life.

Maintain your suit’s pressure resistance as you proceed deeper into the ruins of past civilizations. This hauntingly beautiful aquascape is truly the final frontier for this intrepid last aquanaut.

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