Pavilion – Game Walkthrough (Steam/PC)

Pavilion is a challenging and intense adventure game with elements of puzzle solving and exploration, the game takes place in a surreal world, where fantasy and reality clash…which is real and which is not will all be up to you. The game is presented and played in a “fourth person perspective”…whatever that means, and it will be all up to you to find out. You will take control of the environments…not the character itself, you need to move blocks, switch levers and solve mind boggling puzzles to clear a path for the character so that you can indirectly manipulate him towards a certain direction, but whatever the goal you need to complete is quite unknown. The game also features a variety of locations for you to explore, each one of these locations feature fantastical designs that will leave you in awe, it also features a lot of objects for you to interact with, different types of puzzles for you to solve and a lot of obstacles for you to overcome. Truly, it is an adventure of surreal proportions, magical even…and you’ll be in the middle of it, are you up for a one of a kind adventure into the unknown?, do you have what it takes for a fourth person adventure game into a surreal world where nothing seems real?, check it out and find out.

Graphics and Sound

The graphic design is in 2D and hand crafted, the artwork is fantastical and really gorgeous, the character design is nice too and although it is quite small, it still looked great. The different environments are also marvelous, the structural designs really look cool and highly detailed, the designs also look quite intricate, you’ll see a lot of buildings and landscape across the game world and each one of them will look different from one location to another. The colors are great too, the different color schemes blends well with each other making the game looking even more beautiful and soft to the eyes. Animations and movements are pretty fluid as well, the movement of the interactive objects are smooth and so are the animated parts of the game. Music is very nice, it is ambient and dreamy, it suits the game just fine while sound effects are also great, there is much variety and not too loud so as not to destroy your concentration while playing the game. The SFX is also gorgeous, the lighting looks great and the shadows are pretty accurate. Overall, it really looks splendid when it comes to graphic designs and presentations, perhaps even an eye candy for everyone to behold.


The game is interactive, and full of puzzles, you won’t be in control of the character though, instead you will be in control of the environments, the game will start out without any instruction or tutorial and it will be up to you to discover everything, your goal, purpose, how to play it…you name it. Not to worry too much though as the dynamics of the game is pretty easy to grasp…you’ll be up and running before you know it.


Pavilion has some very beautiful graphic designs for you to behold, it is set in a fantastical and surreal world where nothing is as it seems, it features a variety of exotically designed locations for you to explore and a lot of mind boggling puzzles for you to solve.


It is quite intriguing and truly fun, the puzzles presented are also quite challenging, you’ll have to figure out everything on your own. If you want to try out something new, this game is for you, check it out.

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