Square Enix releases Final Fantasy VII digital/physical NFT cards

How big of a Final Fantasy VII fan are you? Do you want to grab every collectible item possible related to the game? Well then, Square Enix has an interesting proposition for you.

Square Enix is currently selling Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus, a physical trading card set commemorating 25th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY VII, featuring over 200 artworks which can be collected both physically and digitally. You can buy a physical box set with 20 card packs for $80. Each card pack contains 6 physical trading cards randomly selected from all 207 design variations, along with 1 exchange ticket that can be redeemed for any one digital card of choice.

You might want to know that the digital cards use blockchain technology, aka NFTs. Using a exchange ticket which comes inside every pack, you can redeem any one digital card of choice from total of 207 design variations.

If you’re still on board with this idea, you can get a closer look at the cards or place an order through this link.

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