Modder doubles FPS in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor using DLSS

PC gamers have really been getting the rough end of the stick lately with lacklustre ports and buggy releases. One of the latest disappointments is the release of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, which has been plagued by performance issues. It’s not just a matter of older hardware struggling with a new game either, as even powerful PCs have been had trouble. All this has earned the game a “mostly negative” rating on Steam (opens in new tab).

Over on YouTube, PureDark (opens in new tab) has uploaded a video showcasing a modded version of the game running at much better framerates. They’ve implemented a DLSS Frame Generation mod, which according to the video evidence brought their game up from 45 to 90 actual fps. That’s a marked improvement over what many are seeing, especially Steam’s ticked-off comment section.

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