Hitman: World Of Assassination Spring Roadmap Revealed, With New Content Revealed All The Way Into May

Hitman: World Of Assassination’s roadmap for Spring has been revealed from developer IO Interactive.

While the next proper Hitman game won’t be arriving for some time, as IO Interactive puts more of its focus on its new James Bond title, IO will still be delivering new content to the World Of Assassination.

New featured contracts, elusive targets, periods during which players can play classic Hitman levels like 2016’s Paris level and Sapienza for free, and of course new duds to help Agent 47 blend into his environment better.

“Spring has arrived in The World of Assassination, and with it comes lots to do throughout the season.” said IO Interactive.

“This season will feature: Year 3 Elusive Targets so that everyone can play, new unlocks, player created content, Free locations rotations, an Easter event for Free Starter Pack players, and a game update. There’s plenty to be excited about.”


As far as what’s ahead after what IO Interactive announced today, more targets and “a fresh escalation,” are to come.

Source – [IO Interactive]

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