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Here are five simple to use game trailer templates! Especially for a first time game trailer maker, these are good ways to start your trailer’s structure. Link to blog post

The tl;dr:

1. Tell, Show, Repeat
Use a title card or narration to describe a thing in the game, then show a few clips of that thing.

2. Music Video Montage
Take fun gameplay footage and cut it to the beat of the music like a music video.

3. Chronological Order
If your game is paced in a way where challenges increasingly escalate, why not just show them in chronological order? (Minus the boring bits)

4. Just Explain the Game
If your game uses a lot of abstract symbols or is otherwise very hard to decipher from just looking at it, it might be worth explaining with voiceover.

5. In a World…

Explain in this order:
– What the world or premise are
– Who is the character in the world
– What the problem is
– What they’re gonna do to confront the problem

Video Chapters

00:00 – Introduction
00:52 – Tell, Show, Repeat
01:56 – Music Video Montage
02:44 – Chronological Order
03:32 – Just Explain the Game
05:06 – In a World
06:29 – Make it CLEAR

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I’m using this channel to teach people about the art of making trailers via video essays, tutorials, reviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at my own work. I think about trailers a lot both for work and fun, so I have A LOT to say about them.

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