Oops, all Malenia: fan-favorite Elden Ring player replaces every enemy with secret megaboss and tries to beat the game

PCG Gamer of the Year (opens in new tab) Let Me Solo Her is back at it again, baby. As reported by Kotaku (opens in new tab), LMSH, famous for his nude, dual katana-wielding, pot-helmed avatar and repeated shepherding of other players past secret megaboss Malenia, has started streaming (opens in new tab) a run of Elden Ring where every enemy is, in fact, Malenia.

I’m not sure what mod LMSH is using to make the swap⁠—maybe some custom parameters on the Item and Enemy Randomizer (opens in new tab) by thefifthmatt⁠—but he’s also rocking FiftyTifty’s simply-titled Aggression Mod (opens in new tab), which makes enemies immediately home in on you from any range once spawned. An entire countryside of forbidden sword technique goddesses of decay immediately lock on and pursue LMSH on entering an area, making for this almost Risk of Rain-like ratcheting up of the peril as he scurries from Grace to Grace.

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