Experts say the AI singularity could be here in the next two decades

There’s no bigger buzzword in the tech scene right now than AI. Researchers all over the world are dipping their toes into this evolving field of tech, and it’s always a shock what comes out. Recent AI advancements have come from machine learning, the ability to force feed a program unthinkable amounts of data in the hopes that it will learn something. It’s been used to do some incredible stuff like control nuclear fusion (opens in new tab), make biohybrid robots walk (opens in new tab), and create varying degrees of art (opens in new tab)

There’s a lot of questions about this brave new world of AI and important issues around ethical concerns and the future of this tech. The use of AI generated art (opens in new tab) plus the release of ChatGPT to the general public, or whoever can afford it (opens in new tab), has brought all of this to the forefront. It has experts like Turing Award winner John Hennessy (opens in new tab) expecting the AI singularity to be upon us much faster than we ever expected.

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