Microsoft’s Current Offer To Sony For Call Of Duty “Will Irreparably Harm Competition And Innovation In The Industry,” Says Sony

Sony and Microsoft have kept going back and forth regarding Microsoft’s attempted purchase of Activision Blizzard, and the repercussions of that deal, namely around how Call Of Duty would be treated should the deal be approved.

Sony continues to argue that the deal is anti-competitive, and therefore cannot be allowed to happen. Its latest statement, reported by Axios reporter Stephen Totilo, Sony says that the current offer Microsoft is proposing regarding Call Of Duty “will irreparably harm competition and innovation in the industry.”

“Redacted versions of the observations filed by SIE and Microsoft on the CMA’s remedies notice were made publich this week.

Information regarding the terms of an offer made by Microsoft to provide future Call Of Duty releases on PlayStation was redacted at the request of Microsoft.

We believe their current offer will irreparably harm competition and innovation in the industry.”

Even though the FTC are the ones actually suing Microsoft over the deal, the UK’s CMA are the ones who have more power to potentially block it from happening.

It’s possible that that CMA’s decision will ultimately sway the course of the industry, at least for the next few years, if not beyond that.

Source – [Axios]

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