Space camp for adults exists and it’s open to anyone

One thing I’ve heard time and time again from fellow nerds is a lament about the lack of a space camp for adults. Many of us had big dreams of space growing up, glued to our Star Wars, Star Treks, StarCrafts, and other star-related things. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is, there is a space camp for adults, and it’s wonderful. The bad news is it’s probably a lot more work than most people were bargaining for. 

The International Space University (opens in new tab) is a worldwide learning program dedicated to space education. It holds varying levels of courses all over the world via a network of institutions, allowing people from all walks of life to get into learning about space. I was lucky enough to go check out the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program for a few days, during which time I spoke to students and staff to get a better idea of what these courses entail.

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