The Witcher remake studio is also making an isometric RPG with turn-based combat

Fool’s Theory is a Polish studio headed by Jakub Rokosz, formerly senior quest designer on The Witcher 2 and 3 at CD Projekt Red. Relations must still be good between them, since Fool’s Theory is currently working on the remake of the first Witcher game, with CDPR having “full creative supervision.”

In addition, Fool’s Theory has an original game in the works, which it recently revealed. The Thaumaturge is an isometric RPG set in a version of early 20th century Warsaw in which spirit beings called salutors are summoned and tamed by occultists for their own ends. We’ll be playing one such salutor-botherer, who can be seen in the gameplay trailer commanding a couple of spirits, as well as getting in fistfights and jogging around various parts of Russia-controlled Warsaw.

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