Teaser shown at EVO suggests Tekken 8 may be on the way

An incredibly brief teaser shown during EVO 2022 hinted at a new Tekken game. During the fighting game championship, a clip showed the infamous Kazuya ending of the original Tekken in which he gets revenge on his father Heihachi by dropping him off a cliff. Instead of ending when the camera zooms in on his smile, there’s a blur of static and his face is replaced by an older, scarred version of Kazuya with the red eye he gained in Tekken 4. “GET READY”, it says.

A video less than 30 seconds long isn’t much to go on, but rumors of both a remake of the original Tekken and a new sequel have been circulating for a while. Given that the teaser shows an older version of Kazuya, it’s fair to assume Bandai Namco aren’t hinting at a remake. 

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