Reddit hunts down streamer’s stolen ‘dream car’, finds confused man who demands $10,000 before fleeing to massage parlour

Two days ago, tragedy struck.  In a video posted to YouTube (opens in new tab), former most-subbed Twitch streamer of all time Ludwig Ahgren announced that his “prize possession”—an imported 1997 Subaru Sambar microvan—had been stolen. It had been taken from outside the warehouse where Ahgren films his podcast—The Yard—during LA’s recent rainstorms (opens in new tab). The bad weather had knocked out the site’s power, meaning people leaving had been forced to leave the electric gate wide open and the Sambar ripe for the taking.

As reported by Kotaku (opens in new tab), it didn’t take the internet long to track the van down. Barely a day after Ahgren posted his video, a Reddit user named iwantaguineapig (opens in new tab) posted a video of the Sambar—parked in such a way that its licence plate was unreadable—in the LA neighbourhood of Sylmar. 

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