All of the Dark Souls rings and where to find them

Dark Souls ring Effect How to get Tiny Being’s Ring Increases max health by 5%
  • Pick as your starting gift


  • Receive as a reward for progressing Siegmeyer of Catarina’s quest to Anor Londo
Havel’s Ring Increases max equipment load by 50% Receive upon defeating Havel the Rock in the bottom of the spiral staircase in Undead Burg leading up to the Taurus Demon boss Chloranthy Ring Increases stamina regeneration by 20%. You can stack it with other stamina regen items. E.g: Mask of the Child, the Grass Crest Shield, and the Grass Blossom consumable You find this in The Great Hollow. Jump into the top of the large open tree trunk, there’s a platform with the ring sitting on a body Ring of Steel Protection Increases physical defence by 50 points You find this in Sen’s Fortress in the room at the top of the outside side staircase in the first area with boulders rolling towards you Flame Stoneplate Ring Increases fire defence by 50 points You get this in Sen’s Fortress on the roof in a chest, heading downwards after the roof bonfire Spell Stoneplate Ring Increases magic defence by 50 points You can buy it for 15k souls from the Crestfallen Merchant in Sen’s Fortress Thunder Stoneplate Ring Increases lightning defence by 50 points You can buy it for 15k souls from the Crestfallen Merchant in Sen’s Fortress Speckled Stoneplate Ring Increases magic, fire, and lightning defence by 25 points each Receive it by progressing the quest of Siegmeyer of Catarina to Lost Izalith Bloodbite Ring Increases bleed resistance by 400% You can buy it for 10k souls from Oswald of Carim Cursebite Ring Increases curse resistance by 400% You can find this in New Londo Ruins on a body on a balcony, outside of the large building full of ghosts Poisonbite Ring Increases poison resistance by 400% You can buy it for 15k souls from Oswald of Carim Blue Tearstone Ring Increases your defence by 50% when your HP is below 20% You can find this in Undead Burg on a body after defeating the Black Knight defending it Red Tearstone Ring Increases your attack by 50% when your HP is below 20% You can find in the Valley of Drakes at the top of a ladder on the giant gate heading into New Londo Ruins Ring of Sacrifice You don’t lose souls on death. The ring is destroyed upon death. Does not function if killed by the curse status
  • You can find it in Firelink Shrine, at the top of the stairs leading to Undead Burg, under the furthest arch of the aqueduct
  • In the Painted World of Ariamis, on top of a wall, with a staircase giving access near the graveyard
  • You can buy it for 5k souls from Oswald of Carim
  • Give Snuggly the Humanity item
Rare Ring of Sacrifice You don’t lose souls on death and it absorbs curse effects, negating it upon death. The ring is destroyed upon death
  • In a chest at Sen’s Fortress at the top of the tower after the bonfire on the roof
  • In New Londo Ruins on the roof of the building full of ghosts
  • In Lost Izalith on top of a branch close to the Bed of Chaos boss fight. Head down near the poison area, drop from a ledge onto a branch to obtain the ring
  • Give Snuggly the item Twin Humanities
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Increases sorcery and damage by anywhere between 20% to 30% You can buy this ring for 20k souls from Griggs of Vinheim Lingering Dragoncrest Ring All magic effect lengths are increased by 50% You can buy this for 20k souls from Griggs of Vinheim Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring Makes the player produce no sound
  • You can find this in Sen’s Fortress, drop onto a wooden platform in the hallway with rolling boulders, go through the broken walls, and near the swinging mechanism you find the ring on a corpse
  • Receive upon killing Griggs of Vinheim
Dusk Crown Ring Every sorcery receives 50% more casts but your health is halved Receive upon defeating the Hydra in Darkroot Basin Darkmoon Seance Ring Gives you one additional attunement slot. You also gain access to the Darkmoon Blades in Anor Londo In The Catacombs, from the second bonfire, across the flipped bridge, behind a breakable wall, navigating some drops and at the end of a long hallway, you find the ring inside of a casket White Seance Ring Gives you one additional attunement slot You can find this in The Duke’s Archives, head up the main ladder to escape the prison, follow the planks going left at the top, run against the wall, and jump off, you find the ring on a body in a cell nearby Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn Increases miracle power by 20%. Can stack with other miracle / pyromancy / sorcery boosting items. E.g: Crown of the Dark Sun or the Crown of Dusk In Dark Anor Londo, crank the lever and head all the way to the bottom, you can find the ring in front of Dark Sun Gwyndolin’s boss room Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring Members of the Darkmoon Blades Covenant become summonable by Gwyndolin to invade other online players in Dark Anor Londo In Anor Londo, you get the ring when you join the Darkmoon Blades covenant Ring of the Sun Princess Increases miracle synergy by one level In Anor Londo, you get the ring when you speak to Gwynevere and join the Princess Guard covenant Leo Ring Increases counter damage by 40% During the Ornstein and Smough boss fight, kill Ornstein last and he drops the ring Hawk Ring Increases the range of bows by 50% also extends zooming In Anor Londo, in the chest hidden behind the Giant Blacksmith Hornet Ring Increases critical attack power by 30% e.g: backstabs and ripostes In Darkroot Garden, behind Artorias’ tombstone in Dark Souls Sif’s boss arena East Wood Grain Ring Reduces wear and tear of weapons when using normal attacks Shiva of the East sells this item when he moves to Blighttown. After joining the Forest Hunter covenant, you can find Shiva outside of Alvida’s small building, exhaust his dialogue, and he moves close to the bonfire at the bottom of Blighttown Dark Wood Grain Ring Changes dodging into a quicker somersault if equip load is below 25% Receive upon defeating Shiva’s bodyguard. You must be a member of the Forest Hunter covenant Rusted Iron Ring Environmental effects of movement are negated Upon returning to the Undead Asylum and progressing with the Undead Asylum F2 West Key, you can find this ring on a roof above the clerics in Firelink Shrine Silver Covetous Serpent Ring You receive 20% more souls when beating enemies. Stacks with other souls boosting items, e.g: Symbol of Avarice In the Tomb of the Giants, from the bonfire near patches head onwards into the darkness, and you find the ring surrounded by Bone Tower enemies Gold Covetous Serpent Ring You receive 200 points to item discovery In Sen’s Fortress, from the boulder mechanism room, head all the way down the boulder ramps to where they fall in a hole, let the hole fill up, walk over the boulders and you find the ring on a body hanging over a wall Covenant of Artorias You can enter The Abyss without dying and face The Four Kings boss Receive upon defeating Great Grey Wolf Sif Orange Charred Ring Decreases damage from walking on lava Receive upon defeating the Centipede Demon Old Witch’s Ring If equipped the player can talk to NPC Quelaag’s Sister the Fair Lady, Daughter of Chaos
  • Choose as your starting gift


  • Give Snuggly the Sunlight Maggot
Cat Covenant Ring Members of the Forest Hunter Covenant become summonable by Alvina to defend Darkroot Garden from other online players NPC Alvina gives you the ring upon joining her covenant in Darkroot Gardens, Forest Hunter Ring of Fog You become see-through and untargetable by enemies
  • Get as a rank reward for the Forest Hunter covenant after defeating three invaders in Darkroot Garden


  • Give Snuggly the Skull Lantern item
Ring of the Evil Eye Regain 30 HP from killing enemies In the Depths, from the bonfire in the room after the sludge enemies, head right and progress downwards via a ladder, down an unlocked doorway, point left and head straight, follow the route and at a fork with a waterfall head right, (at the end of the hallway you’ll see the ring behind bars). Head left and upwards, into a doorway on the left of the barred way, drop into the opening, progress forwards and you’ll find the ring Calamity Ring Doubles the damage you receive from enemies Receive upon defeating the Black Dragon Kalameet Ring of Favor and Protection Gives 20% extra HP, stamina, and equip load but it breaks when unequipped


  • Give Snuggly the Xanthous Crown
Wolf Ring Increases poise by 40 points You can find this ring in Darkroot Garden, from the bonfire behind an illusionary wall head onwards into the walkway on the side of the large door, hug the wall and go right attack a large tree until it opens the way, at the next clearing head left, in the forest area again hug the right side and go up the stairs, at the top head right and you’ll find the ring on a body overlooking a cliff

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